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VAT refund (tax-free shopping), tax-free purchases if you live outside the EU

Do you purchase for an individual or for a company?
This page is about tax-free purchasing by individuals. Non-Dutch companies can automatically do tax-free purchases by entering the VAT number in the checkout (if the delivery takes place outside the Netherlands).

Tax-free shopping at Beaumotica, for individuals who are residing outside the EU
Do you live outside the EU? Then it is possible to shop tax-free with us.

How does tax-free shopping work?
On most Dutch purchases you pay 21% VAT, but if you live outside the EU, you can retrieve VAT very easily. We collaborate with to process your and our refund simply and reliable.

Step 1: Sign up for via this page:

Step 2: Go to your account information at Beaumotica by going to this page:
And add your billing address, or edit any of your addresses, noticing the following points:

  • If you give your billing address from your address outside the EU.

This only concerns your billing address, your shipping address may be just in the Netherlands or another country within the EU. You can also add your shipping address from your account information or during the ordering process.

  • If it is not possible to select the correct country, please send an email to our customer service with your address and we’ll add it for you.
  • If you have already made a purchase and your billing address is not your residential address outside the EU, please contact Vatfree. Possibly, they can still help you to claim the VAT back. For the Tax Authorities it is important that it is likely that you live outside the EU, and Vatfree can prove this.

  • Enter your passport number, in the field "Passport number (for tax-free shopping)' 

Step 3: Place your order with a value of 50 euros (incl. VAT) or higher. Please note that when you complete your order you entered all fields, your billing address (outside the EU) and your shipping address (for example in the Netherlands).

Step 4: Before your departure, go to the EU Customs Union and ask for a stamp for you invoices.

Step 5: Send your stamped invoices to or give them directly to Vatfree, for example at their desk at one of the airports (see for locations) takes care of the repayment and will contact you if necessary. More information can be found on or call +31 88 828 37 33.

Address: administration
PO Box 75 605
1118 ZR Schiphol
the Netherlands

Please note:

  • Only invoices from € 50.00 including VAT are eligible for restitution, this limit is set by the Dutch tax authorities.
  • Upon the payment Vatfree automatically holds a part of the payment, to cover administration costs. These costs varies between 1 and 6% of the net invoice amount, the percentage decreases as the invoice amount is rising. See for a current calculation example.


With you can easily reclaim VAT on all your purchases. was founded in 2008 by the founders of This renowned company annually arranges VAT returns for tens of thousands of travellers and retailers.

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